Fueling the Beast

As professional athletes, we have committed our lives to the development of our brains, vascular systems, organs and muscles. We are obsessed, driven, and inspired to reach  peak athletic and artistic balance. There isn’t a choice.

What does this competitive drive cost our bodies? Besides the more obvious depletion of electrolytes and major minerals, we are at risk of adrenal depletion, hypoglycemia, protein deficiency, and hormone imbalances. Extra maintenance is required to experience faster recovery rates and improved endurance, mood, and performance.

Out of necessity, I have noted accessible methods of replenishment for a strong, consistent path of health. I will share products, foods, and tonics that aid in my personal regiment of repair. I offer these suggestions as a friend and athletic cohort – and encourage the use of this text as a guide towards your own research, on your path to indestructibility.

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