Miles To Go

I constantly grapple with the effects of adrenal exhaustion. On any given day, I coach private clients, conduct aerial classes, teach energetic children, and finally, hit upon my own training and choreography. Then, with any last hope of energy, I head off to my night shift.

To make ends meet, I wait tables long into the night in a busy restaurant just off of Haight Street;  pretending that I haven’t been up since dawn. At best, I stay inspired and energized, keeping lists on restaurant note pads of new fitness pathways to research or upcoming performance leads; at worst, I struggle through my serving shift as being drained, depleted, and severely grumpy. This strain seems worth the greater achievement of creating and maintaining my own small business, but I do see the big picture; some day it will involve sleep.

For recommendations on how to heal adrenal depletion: